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Tender Farms

Jan 13 – Mar 3, 2024

In a future dominated by synthetic sustenance, Tender Farms emerges as the leader in this convergence of machinery and animal husbandry. Paul Belenky and Emma Anne Johnson, the  founders of Tender Farms, present this installation at MassArt x SoWa, offering an intricate vision of a petting zoo set in a reality where lab-grown meat and mechanized farming have made flesh and blood farm animals a forgotten phenomenon. 

This installation transforms the exhibition space into a multimedia display of mechanized animals. Central to this exhibit are LED-lit electric sheep, featuring heads replaced by functional TV screens alongside electro-mechanical chickens programmed to simulate egg-laying through the deployment of propane-based mechanisms. Futuristic aluminum corn entities engage in the mechanized production of corn in the form of cans, deviating from the conventional cob paradigm.

A network of motion sensors, switches, and knobs intricately woven into the environment invites visitor interaction. Activation of these components triggers dynamic responses, manifesting as luminous displays of wires, circuits, and lighting. The intended effect is a sensory immersion into our future where the production of dairy and eggs is contingent upon electrical input rather than feed and water.

Tender Farms presents detailed drawings and blueprints, providing a technical exposition of the exhibition’s meticulously engineered machinations. A multitude of  meat and dairy products are showcased throughout, demonstrating how we at Tender Farms make your meat in machines that look like meat. Tender Farms and its machines are here not only to satisfy your nostalgia, but also to feed the hungry mouths of future generations. 

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to invite you into Tender Farms. We hope to reminisce with you there about the obsolescent farm animals of the past while also showing you the way forward. Drink your milk!



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