Tracy A. Leavitt

MFA ’23 Fine Arts Low-Residency

My creative process is a conversation between paint and a wide variety of non-traditional materials and found objects, such as cardboard, string, sticks, bones, stones, rusted wire, and found metal. Striving to keep my ego out of the process, I respect the independence of the energy in the work as it develops. My hands become tools solely used for material preparation and manipulation. The concept is born out of material choice and the forms created feed on and nourish each other until the ultimate composition is manifested. This results in work that reveals my visions, dreams, and sometimes nightmares while reflecting my concern and my hope for the heart and the spirit of humanity and our connectedness to each other and to all living beings of this earth. 

This body of work, called The Weight, references the pressures on individual lives and upon the planet imposed by the greed in our global economic and political systems which value money over spirit, corporations over people. Ultimately the work is a call for global evolution through individual positive transformation. 

Tracy Leavitt places her work in the liminal space between painting and sculpture. Engaging with philosophical and spiritual questions, Leavitt’s sculptural installations begin as meditation with paint on canvas or cardboard, eventually incorporating found and natural materials and unusual technologies. Exhibitions include the Muroff Kotler Gallery, SUNY, Stone Ridge, NY; WAAM, Woodstock, NY; Ask Gallery, Kingston, NY.  Recent curatorial projects include Hot/Cold: Expressions in Wax, Arts Mid-Hudson Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY; From Darkness to Light, Doran Gallery at MassArt, Boston, MA.