Taryn Pizza

MFA ’18 Fine Arts Low-Residency

Resting in a space between fiction and reality, the work I create narrates place with an interest in objects and imagery related to and surrounding home. Investigations of time, safety, impermanence, and absence are suggested through installation, rendered and distorted floral patterns, wax tableware melts, preserved or altered objects, in addition to the drawn form.

My work questions the reliability of emotion and human recollection. How might the way our minds portray the truth in experiences of the past differ from how they actually existed? What small, minute portions of once seemingly limitless spaces can we still recall clearly? Do the objects, fixtures, colors, and materials we once knew shift or distort based on or current, individual attachment or disassociation?

Through varied media, I draw attention to what is now gone and what remains. The works all end with remnants; residual detritus of persons in spaces once called home.

Taryn Pizza is an interdisciplinary artist. She holds a BS from SUNY New Paltz and an MFA from MassArt. Her work has been exhibited in various spaces including Studio Montclair in Montclair, NJ, the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, DE, and Current Space, in Baltimore, MD. In 2019, her work was featured in a solo exhibition Traces at Hamilton Street Gallery in Bound Brook, NJ. Pizza currently lives, works, and teaches in northern New Jersey.