Tammy Skiver Maxson

MFA ’22 Fine Arts Low-Residency

The Orchard Project is the center of my current artistic practice. I focus on the principles and practices of natural agriculture to integrate the primal elements of fire, water, earth, carbon, flora, and fauna. These are the mediums of my art. Each element has its own voice, and these voices are in constant conversation with each other; working together to create a living sculpture. I listen intently to what they are saying. This allows me to build and create my art, tending a symbiotic relationship with my companion species both above and below ground. The elements are my allies and act as a point of consideration at each step in my creative process.

Tammy Skiver Maxson was born in Olean, New York in 1971. Maxson’s work can be classified as Agroecological art, using natural interventions that include many modalities of aesthetic processes both above and below ground. She works to heal soil, and to inspire conservation and regenerative practices in her communities.