Sofie Hodara

MFA ’14


I integrate traditional print and design media with emerging technologies to create works on paper, interactive installations, and digital experiences. My work transforms the anxiety and confusion of living in a world threatened by ever-smarter technologies, a climate crisis, and political unknowns into playful and generative questions: What happens to our dreams in the era of the quantified self? How do we experience an iPhone ringtone when it is broadcast throughout a crowded Walmart on Black Friday? What is left when the last Joshua tree at Joshua Tree National Park dies?

Telescope Tondos is a series of live images taken using my iPhone and a telescope from the window of an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, where I temporarily lived because of COVID. These moving vistas capture the ever-changing sky, urban street scenes, and views into the private residences of my neighbors. They are a response to dislocation and social distancing. Each composition frames a potential story about a community or place I am not interacting with. The moving imagery is otherworldly as the telescope flattens and flips the space. This body of work asks: in the time of COVID – where everything is mediated by screens – can digital voyeurism stand in for intimacy and community?

Sofie Hodara is a Boston-based multimedia artist, designer, and educator. Often collaborative, her work explores the intersection of traditional and emerging media. Results range in form from paper weavings and letterpress prints, to interactive installations and mixed reality. She has exhibited her work across the country and presented at conferences around the world. Currently, she is an Assistant Teaching Faculty of Design in CAMD at Northeastern University, where she teaches Interaction Design and Typography.