Shozab Raza


I am currently exploring the realm of transhumanism as my core subject using various illustrative, graphic and sensory means of communication. I try to visualize an abstracted reality of the future and question the significance of technology in our lives.

The scope of my work involves fine arts, graphic design, installation, performance art, music and light design. I have been constantly moving and working as a concept artist, a muralist and a graphic designer for the past 7 years. My obsession for human anatomy and machines became the driving force for my explorations. This conquest is a never ending pursuit that tries to predict the future of human biology.

I envision myself as a futurist and want to delve deeper into the realm of man-machine symbiosis with a glimpse into the future that ultimately supports the betterment of mankind as a species.

Shozab Raza is a Pakistani multimedia artist and designer currently pursuing a graduate degree (MFA Dynamic Media Institute) at MassArt, Boston. His work explores the idea of transhumanism, and attempts to manifest the interconnectedness of man and machine biology in an abstract manner using various illustrative methods. Currently, he is a graduate research assistant for the Sustainability initiative at MassArt while his recent graphic novel Polymer 4  is being published in Pakistan.