Shozab Raza


The current state of matter can be classified as either organic or synthetic, man-made or nature-made. As a species, we share an intimate connection with machines, perhaps even more so than with other humans. Eventually, we will harness sufficiently advanced technologies to enhance our capabilities. However, there exists a friction between these materialities. Present-day machines are not advanced enough to be seamlessly merged with us.

I envision a future in which machines can exhibit flexibility, organic characteristics, consciousness, and serve as the building blocks of the material world around us. I aim to provide a visual exploration of the impending convergence between the organic essence of humans and the mechanical nature of machines. This convergence is poised to propel us toward the most profound transformation in our history to date.

This piece contemplates the intricate interplay between the corporeality of the natural world and the artifice of human creation. It examines the contemporary manifestations of organic and inorganic elements, revealing palpable tensions at the intersection of these material realms due to our current technological limitations. We are on the brink of an impending revolution, which carries the potential for a convergence of human and mechanical materiality, ushering in a new era of synthesis.

The interaction of distance sensors orchestrates a distinctive symphony of audience engagement, synchronizing visual dimensions in real-time response to input seamlessly.


Shozab Raza is a Pakistani multimedia artist and designer known for his versatile contributions across various creative domains. His extensive portfolio includes fine arts, graphic design, experience design, installation, production, performance art, and sound/light design. Shozab is driven by a desire to explore the convergence of human and machine materiality, adding a unique dimension to his creative pursuits.