Serena Buschi

MFA ’23 Fine Arts Low-Residency

The influences that come from my cultural identity flow through my work. They have provided resources for me in the form of philosophical concepts that I’ve gathered to use in my life and my work. I have always been interested in how identity is formed and fused into a tightly woven construct. The processes of collaging fragments, weaving, pinning, and draping mirror how I consider identity is constructed. I use these to construct, deconstruct, reconfigure and reconstruct materials to make meaning.

An overarching visual framework I use in my work is the grid, joining the continued quest to create order out of chaos through this construct.  It is the compartments within a grid and the inherent connectivity of the grid that I am interested in; it is a way of visually understanding the duality of both perceived separation and the interconnectedness of all things. 

I use material as a metaphor for the interconnecting of this grid and the relationships we have to each other through materials.  I use weave, crochet, and stitch as an act of mending this grid. This net is a deep dive with a microscopic lens, a cross-section of skin cells magnified. 

Serena Buschi creates mixed media installations that express her interest in overarching philosophical concepts about interconnectivity. From a mixture of Asian Indian and Italian descent, her work mirrors her understanding of self in relation to the moment. Buschi holds a MA from Teachers College, Columbia University New York. Recent solo shows include the Flatiron Prow Art Space in Manhattan. Her work has been featured in the 2016 motion picture Anesthesia, and is in numerous private collections.