Sarah Friedman

Communication Design

Knitting with a domestic, flat-bed knitting machine is an intricate, repetitive, and physically demanding process that provides a plethora of built-in constraints, and yet a great deal of creative freedom. 

Mock Orange, Drunken Angel, and Thank You Kindly are part of a series of knitted pattern pieces inspired by Appalachian overshot weaving. To create the underlying patterns of this work, I designed a computer program that accepts a string of words as the input and uses traditional name draft weaving methods to output visual patterns. This essentially creates one-way translations from language to image. As an Appalachian person living in Boston, this work is a meditation on the idea of home as it relates to communication and understanding.

Gold Mesh w/ Stripe is part of a series inspired by the idea of aligning daily ritual practices with art practice. It is meant to reflect the beauty in the everyday process of enhancing your craft through small tasks—like planning, creating, and labeling a test swatch before knitting a sweater.

Sarah Friedman is a graphic designer and visual artist originally from Southwestern Virginia. She has an MFA from the Boston University College of Fine Arts, where she was awarded the Constantin Alajalov Visual Arts Scholarship. She received her undergraduate degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences from Harvard University in 2013. Her work has been selected for exhibition in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, including in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.