Paul Belenky

MFA ’17 Fine Arts 2D

Regarding Bananas and Cream: 

I am trying again and again to return the banana peel to and preserve it in its firm original state by refilling it with whipped cream and other substances. I know that my work can provide the means to alleviate shame associated with limp banana peels. By presenting to you all of my designs and devices, I will plunge you into the Bananasphere where I will demonstrate to you the world changing notion of the cream reconstructed peel. I have made and will continue to  make; blueprints, sculptures, machines, moovies, signs and all kinds of things  to show you that a peel need not remain empty. I urge you to look and understand! 

Paul Belenky was born in 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts. Paul graduated from Brandeis University in 2014 with dual bachelor’s degrees in biology and studio art. He completed his MFA at MassArt in 2017. Currently Paul lives and makes art in Watertown MA and  teaches visual art at Lexington High School. To Paul, absurdity and play often approach the truth more closely than reality and therefore he creates silly work about mundane things. Paul works in installation, drawing, and sculpture, and aspires to make work that draws both smiles and grimaces.