Michael Walden

MFA ’13 Fine Arts Low-Residency

A dominating theme of my work of the past few years focuses on illuminating the dialectic of obscuring thingsā€“which sometimes speaks to discomfort or hidingā€“and emerging thingsā€“which speaks to the process of enlightenment. I find this contradictory struggle an intriguing exploration for both individual and societal conflict.Ā  As each work matures, socio-political shifts in the larger world, and our inability to know what will come of them, influence the visual ambiguity. As in all dynamic work experiences, the process of creating takes on a life of its own which in turn means different things to different people.Ā  I welcome the advancement.

Michael Walden received his BFA from the University of Framingham MA. He received an MFA from Boston University in Art Education, and a second from Massachusetts College of Art, in Painting. Walden had his first Solo Exhibition at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art in NYC and has shown extensively throughout New England.Ā  He was awarded artist residenciesĀ  at the Fine Arts Work Center and Vermont Studio Center.Ā  He lives and works in Westport Massachusetts.