Michael Aghahowa

MFA ’22 Fine Arts 2D

Parts To A Whole

History has a way of telling its truth in a scattered light, leaving parts of itself in complete darkness. This body of work takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural views surrounding marginalized groups in America.

Through the use of portraiture, I’m creating a visual representation of this scattered light. In these paintings are individuals in pieces. They are placed in a space that feels like a void, but their presence is a testament to their agency. In my work I like to leave little Easter eggs; Subtle details that the viewer can find as they look. The use of charcoal, scrap paper, and molding paste along with the acrylic paint, piggy back off of characteristics of my previous paintings. With this body of work I aim to shed light on history’s curated projection of specific groups and combat the idea that people are monolithic when in fact, they’re multidimensional.

Michael Aghahowa is an American artist and professor based in Lynn, Massachusetts. Aghahowa is a dynamic creator, best known for his illustrative paintings, murals and community engagement. His work mixes elements of realism with collage, spray paint, and sculptural materials including cardboard and glass. Through diverse media, Aghahowa often critiques current social and political systems, through references to art history and HipHop.