Mei Gong

MDes ’24

As a young person who is becoming an artist, I believe that art should not only be displayed in galleries. Nor should the public assume that artists’ attainments and ideas should be much higher than those of ordinary people. Good art should permeate the lives of all living beings, allowing the audience to be in a good artistic atmosphere, perceive and participate in it.

I’ve always been curious and imaginative about the world around me. My works are about my thinking, and I think the pursuit and rediscovery of artistic language is very important. In the process of creating this work, I recorded many trivial fragments in my daily life. I then pieced them together in a dreamlike visual language to form a sleepwalking experience. It’s a feeling familiar to anyone who has suffered from insomnia. I believe that art comes from life, and I hope that we can all find beauty and art in our own lives. May we all seek out situations that challenge us and contribute to the environment in which we live.

Mei Gong is currently studying for a Master of Design Innovation, a transmedia artist/designer, and a Capricorn with a cat. Mei has a wide range of interests, such as art, music, psychology, karate, charity activities, etc. If you are as eager to spread love and courage as she is, don’t hesitate to make friends with her.