Martha Chason-Sokol

Founder/ Director - Art Lab Everett

My work is rooted in notions of repair. I am a community based artist and I simultaneously maintain an object based practice. In my sculptures, books and drawings, I wrap and bind discarded remnants transforming them into skin and bandage. Tape, a material fundamental to my work, becomes a metaphor for repair. Figural sculptures, built from the detritus of domestic life; prescription pill bottles, lamps, abandoned strollers, and other materials take on humorous and sometimes mournful poses. Drawn lines, interwoven fibers, as well as spaces for creative work, become strategies for restoration of self as well as metaphors for society’s disposable culture.

Martha Chason-Sokol is an artist living and working in Everett, MA. Her work has been exhibited in Massachusetts and nationally. She holds a BA from Brandeis University and an MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design. She is an Associate Member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, serves as Chair of the Everett Cultural Council and is the Founder/Director of Arts for Everett, Inc.