Mahima Kapoor

MFA ’18 Fine Arts 2D

My work is about my experiences, small and specific, mundane and abstract. The content in the work is perhaps everything that I’m consuming in my daily life. From the most mundane to the most specific feelings, I believe we live in spaces, both inside and outside of our mind and body. This union of the inner and outer self has led to a body of work that is chaotic and complex, but also delicate and meticulous. In my work I’m constantly trying to articulate feelings that may not reach the viewers otherwise. For instance, the feeling of having a sense of belonging in a creative environment and feeling lost otherwise. The conversation is manifested in how process and materials have their say in what they become and how they communicate with their audience. The paintings are loaded with layers, physical and metaphysical. There are soft, membrane-like fragile layers depicting emotions that are sensitive and brittle, and then there are bold, solid, contoured, sharp, dark hues that I’ve used to reflect upon the experiences that may only exist as a shadow of something strong and overwhelming. These have been defining moments in the journey of my practice. The work is about juxtaposing emotions, the harsh with the soft, dark with the light, soft with the heavy and the awkward with the polite. These are put together in paintings, unique prints, sculpture, drawings and installation. I work with multiple centers in an open field and I hope that the viewers engage with the work in ways that do not dismiss it for being too colorful or aesthetically appealing. If you spend enough time, you may realize that the work moves when you move, breathes as you breathe and maybe even talks to you silently.

Mahima Kapoor is an artist based in New Delhi, India. She is an alumni of Massachusetts college of arts and design, Boston, Massachusetts USA and has been a fellow artist at residencies like Salem Art Works in upstate New York, USA, UCROSS Foundation in Wyoming USA, L’Air Arts foundation in Paris, France and Belgrade Art studios, Serbia. Her work is a hybrid of artistic disciplines like painting, contemporary printmaking, installation and sculpture.