Lucie March

MFA ’23 Photography

Part-time Faculty

I was testing large format cameras for light leaks — putting 4” x 5” pieces of light-sensitive paper into the dark slides, passing them through the developer, then discarding them in the trash. I found old color film in the dark slides — unexposed, forgotten surfaces holding the potential of pictures never made — and discarded them alongside the pieces of paper. I returned the next day and discovered that the chemistry had dripped from one to another, and strange shapes and colors had emerged. I scanned the pieces, fighting against their ephemerality, knowing that they would be gradually altered by further exposure to light.

These materials — film, the lumen print, the body — speak to our desire to fix ourselves in time, and the ultimate futility of this endeavor. And so I let an accident become a body. Watch as it leaves a trace in the silver halide crystals, only to transform into something else — an abstraction of the idea of the body. A possible definition of queerness: slipping in and out of form. Almost alien, like seeing bacteria, hair, or dust under a microscope. Matter, capable of being rearranged – another way to see and unsee yourself.

Lucie March (b. 1992) is an artist working with the still and moving image. She makes work about geological time and memory and that feeling you get when you close your eyes and the sun comes through your eyelids. She recently finished her MFA in Photography at MassArt, and is the recipient of the 2023-2024 MassArt Postgraduate Teaching Fellowship. She co-creates the quarterly zine Cul de Sac and lives in Somerville, MA.