Kristin Beth Powers

MFA ’22 Fine Arts 3D

there’s a hole in my heart where the wind blows through

Coming into being, falling out of being, containment and openness, consuming and being consumed, this wrestling match between being in and out of control is what fuels my work.

I am a curator of objects and shadows, a choreographer of space, a collector of sounds. My work embraces silence, vulnerability, and disorientation. I look for connections to the familiar, but pull the rug out from under it. I glean household objects sitting in your basement: a chair, a spoon, a ladder, a bicycle wheel. I distill memories of loss and grief, using white to find anonymity within which to mourn. I ruminate on the efficacy of words, the distortion of language, the randomness of understanding, the projection of myself on you, or yourself on me, and the never-ending misdiagnoses of communication. Disruption interests me in the process of transforming environments. No matter what is around you, you have to take care of your own house.

My work is about falling. Forcing me out of the realm of the familiar, replacing predictability with uncertainty, my sense of self-consciousness spins, looking and feeling like chaos. Awareness holds up my sanity. Like walking into an empty room and there’s one white shoe on the floor.

Kristin Beth Powers is an installation artist focused on creating spaces while leaving room for reflection. Powers holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and has attended artist residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Haystack, and Penland. Having received several awards for design and manufacturing, Powers’ work was recently shown at Black Box Gallery in Oregon, and curatorial projects The Art of Storytelling and Vacant No More. Born in Chicago, raised in England and Canada, Powers currently teaches experiential art for a Buddhist-Steinerian teacher-training center in Nepal.