Jose Michelsen

I have lost what makes me human in the first place: the sense of my own body and spirit. So, my pursuit is now to reconnect with them by allowing my animalistic needs to take protagonist roles in my life. That is why I portray the physical contact of our behavior and nudity in a natural way. Tangible and organic lumps of flesh are always present in my never ending need to go back to my sense of physicality.

I seek to celebrate the body and the instinct. To get closer to my own essence because I feel that modern day society constantly keeps me from it. Nowadays we live in excessive virtuality and instead I have this urge to sense my physical dimension. 


José Michelsen is a Colombian painter and architect born in 1989 in Bogotá. He began to relate to art through drawing very early in his life and eventually became a self-taught artist. He had his undergraduate degree in Architecture at the “Universidad de los Andes” in Bogotá and then he trained with artist Alfredo Araújo Santoyo from 2017-2020. He lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.