Jessica Tawczynski

MFA ’17 Fine Arts 2D

When I start a new work, I first identify a personal connection I want to examine, then research themes such as Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine, and “women’s intuition.” I depict gendered objects such as vessels, ships, and stars to arrive at metaphors for navigating our current ideas about women’s rights and issues of gender. They direct and transport the body across thresholds of liminal space. In the process, I excavate narratives using scientific exploration, philosophical ideas, mythological tales and my own identity as points of reference. The spiritually feminine geometry in my work evolved into singular events, invoking compositions of Renaissance frescoes, altarpieces and stations of the cross. I pull prints of the ground using my own printmaking techniques and collage them, record the movement of water as it evaporates and leaves behind marks of pigment, and use homemade mediums to create reactions such as resist, shine and separation. By using the landscape in this way, I pull energy directly away from the surfaces of the Earth and imbue my images with it.

Jessica Tawczynski is a Brooklyn-based artist and founder of Inside Voices Art. She has participated in residencies at Akureyri Art Museum (Iceland), Listhus ArtSpace at Olafsfjordur Museum (Iceland), Shenkar College of Design and Architecture (Israel), and Gilfelagid Listagil (Iceland). Tawczynski’s work has been exhibited at Akureyri Art Museum, Olafsfjordur Museum, Field Projects, FiveMyles Gallery, Amos Eno Gallery, Lower Columbia College, Shenkar College, and Boston University. She has been recognized in I Like York Work Podcast, Hyperallergic, ArtForum Online, and Artscope Magazine