Jessica Tawczynski

MFA ’17 Fine Arts 2D

The maps I draw from are of places I grew up around or lived by, and where I learned how to interact with Nature. My work draws parallels between the impending climate condition and living as a female identifying person in the world. I give human-like qualities to the landscapes and objects I portray, through the scope of nervous system PTSD responses (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn). I often utilize Pareidolia, a common human experience, as a compositional tool. It is the visual hallucination of seeing faces in inanimate objects when trying to interpret patterns of information.

Jessica Tawczynski has attended residencies at Akureyri Art Museum, Listhus ArtSpace at Olafsfjordur Museum (Iceland), Shenkar College (Israel), among others. Selected solo exhibitions include Akureyri Art Museum, Dieglan Gallery, and The Arts Research Collaborative. Selected Group exhibitions include Lower Columbia College Rose Center for the Arts (WA), Field Projects (NY), Piano Craft Gallery, Boston University and Long Beach Island Foundation (NJ) curated by Esther Adler, Curator at MoMA, NY. Tawczynski has been recognized in I Like Your Work, Hyperallergic, and Artscope Magazine, among others.