Helena Abdelnasser

My work is driven by my interest to play with different materials that have an impermanent nature. Because I am interested in questions of the agency of preservation, and human attempts to control the uncontrollable and the natural, my work is usually composed of biodegradable materials, such as dough, sugar, salt, ice, and mud. The usage of these materials allows for a balance of control between myself as an artist and the work, since the materials are not easily manipulated. The intentional giving up of agency allows for more questions to arise after the work is made. In this work, the descaling, the arrangement, and temporality of the material are all ways of questioning for whom the work was made. In her work, Helena explores the relationship between pleasure and authority, often focusing on the dynamic between humans and objects and their mutual influence.

Helena Abdelnasser is an Egyptian visual artist currently completing her Master’s degree in Sculpture at Boston University after being granted two merit based scholarships. Born in 1997, Helena earned her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the American University in Cairo, where she also worked as a teaching assistant. Her artwork has been featured in various group exhibitions in Cairo and Boston, including Raising Voices Festival, Cairo International Art Fair, Roznama 8, Cairotronica, and the Cairo Video Festival.