Gerri Rachins

MFA ’01 Fine Arts 2D

My paintings, drawings, and collages evoke the complicated zeitgeist of our time, suggesting more questions than answers. They reveal a preoccupation with the field of physics, with its focus on themes of matter and energy, physical properties, and the phenomena of perception. 

Regarding the Red Herring collages, A “red herring” is a diversion intended to distract attention from the real issue. It may be an irrelevant comment or topic presented in a discussion, or an argument to intentionally sidetrack the participants into going after the “red herring”, thereby forgetting the topic of their initial discussion. The art world and the political world provide especially fertile ground for cultivating an abundance of “red herrings.” I think of my collages as visual metaphors for situations that I have experienced where “red herrings” were successfully used.

In the Almost Everything is Going Well paintings, the title implies that some things are not going well. In the series, boundaries overlap, negate, reinforce, and intersect, resulting in an image that concedes to the coexistence of conflicting elements. Here, an imposed isolation provided more time for exploration and discovery in my studio.  With assistance from gravity, I use my hands holding the edges of the paper to move colorful, fluid acrylic ink around the paper. From the palimpsest of inky lines, inherent shapes are excavated, establishing an initial structure to explore. I selected the titles for each painting from my ongoing compilation of excerpts from the weekly Science section of The New York Times.

Gerri Rachins is an American artist living and working in Boston. Her works on paper are included in numerous museum, corporate, and private collections in the United States. For over two decades, she has been on faculty at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and previously taught  at MassArt, where she received an MFA in 2001. Rachins studied at the New York Studio School while earning a BFA from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Her works are represented by Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA, and  in New York by The Painting Center.  See FULL CV HERE.