Gabriel Cira

Assistant Professor, Architecture

I am a normal architect in that I’m invested in construction, details, materials, techniques, and the interactivity of the built environment and people. However, I’m more intently dedicated to the public dimension of space in the city and against the rush toward privatization; within the profession of architecture and in all other avenues of life under capitalism. I work with people that are making things more public—infrastructure, institutions, places—and use architectural tools to help envision and enable the remaking of the built environment for open-access social and public life. I collaborate with many types of people, often community groups, non-profit organizations, scientists, advocates and activists, artists, students, and friends in order to build collective power and knowledge toward these larger objectives, and to have fun while doing it.

Gabriel Cira is a licensed architect based in Massachusetts. He is an assistant professor in the History of Art at MassArt, where he teaches architecture and art history seminars. Gabriel’s architectural work, teaching, and research focus on historic preservation, vernacular/popular histories, ecology, accessibility, and infrastructure. He was educated at Princeton University (MArch ‘14) and MIT (BSA ‘08), and is a member of The Architecture Lobby’s “Cooperative Network” initiative.