Felicia Deneane

MFA ’17 Fine Arts 3D

Director of Graduate Resources + Exhibitions

Mother’s Milk aims to shed light on the baby formula shortages of our present and nod to a future where basic and life giving resources run dry. The large scale recall of formulas matched with a break in the supply/demand chain during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a nationwide deficit of life nourishing infant foods. The result left parents scrambling to find natural breastmilk and formulas at ill-equipped donation banks and Craigslist. If the future sees a collapse in this system again, who has access to this precious resource? How we manage, distribute, and provide breast milk is an important conversation that could provide a framework for taking all naturally produced foods out of the consumerist marketplace. Not having the conversation could result in widespread malnourishment and anxiety. The issues surrounding the formula shortage are a symptom of a broken food distribution system that can quickly grow to become everyone’s emergency.

Felicia Deneane is a Rhode Island-based sculptor whose work mixes biological material and synthetic form to speak to experiences of a female-identifying body. Felicia holds a BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island College, and an MFA in 3D from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Felicia is currently the Director of Graduate Program Resources + Exhibitions at MassArt and is Co-Coordinator of the MassArt x SoWa gallery.