Emily Wisniewski

My paintings discuss what I perceive of landscapes through holes in the body, which take the forms of portals, caves, and vaginas often used interchangeably. The cave is both a hole in the earth and where experiences are felt through orifices in the body. The outside world penetrates the bodies. When inside becomes the outside of the bodies I explore abjection and the interconnections of queerness and landscape.

My paintings span various sizes, substrates, mediums, and forms. Some figures are cut out of wood and others are painted in colors of landscape they inhabit to show their connectivity. A painted frame often serves as a portal populated with ideographic markings. Colors within the work range from organic to non-local, psychological color. Variations in painting language creates tensions that often contradict one another. The glass grounds enhance the effect of memory and time in the landscape bodies.

The glass grounds of the smaller paintings enhance the skin-like quality of the paint, they also look like the literal ground of the earth. Smaller works show detailed imagery of body parts that vaguely resemble landscapes in the way they are painted.


Emily Wisniewski was born in 1996 in Phoenix Arizona USA. In 2018, she received her BFA in Painting at Northern Arizona University on a full tuition scholarship. She continued her education in Italy. Graduated with a Master of Fine Arts on the LeRoy E. HoffBerger School of Painting Fellowship in 2023 from Maryland Institute College of art, she has already been included in various important exhibitions including See the Sea Change at Museum of Modern Art U Cara, a solo exhibition at MICA, No Place Like Homo in Cotyledon Arts, Zo Gallery, and Maryland Federation on the Arts. She will exhibit at the Peale Museum, Chesapeake Art Center and Baltimore City Hall in June 2023.