Elizabeth Mooney

MassArt Faculty

Our environment can be considered much like a mirror, reflecting the ways in which we treat others and ourselves.  My most recent paintings are compilations of observations made within my immediate landscape. These paintings are deliberately overladen with mark, gesture, and references to landscape in an attempt to challenge ideas of beauty while complicating legibility. Within my practice, I ask my audience to consider the scope of the rapid changes that they bear witness to and to consider what the long-term implications of these changes may be. These changes can often result in the destabilization of what was once familiar – both in how a place looks in terms of its development and construction, but also in who and what occupies such places. Overall, I am interested in the pace of our collective experiences in landscape; specifically with consideration to equity, resilience, beauty, and belonging.

Elizabeth Mooney is a visual artist that explores the construct of landscape through painting, printmaking, and kinetic sculpture. She holds an MFA from California College of the Arts, and a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston. Recent exhibitions include Q20 at the Davis Museum, a solo exhibition at Montserrat College, and a solo exhibition at LaMontagne Gallery.  Elizabeth is an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.