Drew Ton-Morrison

MArch ’23

The contemporary architectural landscape is fraught with hidden agendas and unquestioned norms. In order to progress our spatial thinking and environmental experience as a society, we must start by scrutinizing the built environment with the same fervor with which we question laws, authority, and power dynamics. 

Visionary architecture serves to topple the expected results of our built environment by asking more questions than it answers. Why do we live the way that we do? What constructs limit form and function? Are these constructs real? What are the consequences of change? Of stasis?

Expectation is not the enemy of innovation, but rather the necessary framework by which innovation exists. By understanding this framework and crucially, how to follow or break its rules, architects and designers can begin to create a built environment that is a true reflection of our society.

Drew Ton-Morrison is a full-time graduate student and working professional with more than four years experience in the architecture industry. While his professional work experience largely centers on residential design, his academic work scrutinizes commonplace architectural norms, while searching for new forms and practices. Drew’s work has been featured in international design competitions, and in both academic and public galleries.