Destiny Palmer

Destiny Palmer is trained as a painter, but her work explores the intersections of painting, history, and color, allowing it to blur the lines of painting, sculpture, and installation. She investigates colonial American history as it relates to her identity as a black woman. Her paintings respond gesturally and the fabric works rely on materials to navigate conceptual ideas. Palmer has worked with various communities to create public art projects ranging from traditional murals to community engaged/lead murals and digitally created murals. Love Letter to a Black Woman is a site-specific installation of paintings, collage, and drawings. This installation is an autobiographical response to the artist’s last year. The work is part of the body of work called ‘F U Shine’. Fuchsine is the original name for colors described as purplish red, reddish purple, purplish pink, or mauvish crimson, often referred to magenta or fuchsia. It is an extra-spectral color, meaning that it is not found in the visible spectrum of light. Rather, it is physiologically and psychologically perceived as the mixture of red and violet/blue light, with the absence of green. Fuchsine is a space that acts as a placeholder for an identifiable space by women of color bound by institutions. F U Shine is a reclamation of space using the power of healing through art and making. 

Destiny Palmer’s work has been shown at Landmark College, Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury NY,  Long Sharp Gallery in Indianapolis, IN, Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia, and Newport Art Museum in RI. While her studio work is generated from personal histories, her public art is a reclamation of space. Palmer has worked with MIT, Lifewtr, Saxby’s, and Mural Arts Philadelphia. Her murals can be found in Dorchester and Cambridge, MA, Philadelphia, PA, and Omaha, NE.