Dennis Svoronos

MFA ’19 Fine Arts 3D

Visiting Graduate Faculty

We yearn for connections, to embrace those round us. The isolation of our modern existence and the wake of the pandemic have left us out of reach, out of touch. Offering is an embodiment of the unique moment when we are given the chance to reconnect, to find something beyond ourselves to connect with; to celebrate and elevate what is often a simple gesture.

Dennis Svoronos is a Boston-based sculptor and educator whose work has been shown at venues nationally and internationally. Svoronos’ work is inspired by the modern world in motion. He uses his sculpture to reflect this environment charged with electricity, signals, spectacle and information. He uses our common language of the 21st century, electronics, robotics and interactive kinetics, to build connections between the viewers and the work. In a society fractured by technology, Dennis Svoronos tries to use it to bring us together.