Dan Vlahos


Dan Vlahos’ interdisciplinary design research and practice center upon integrated branding, dynamic media, and creative learning. Much of that work is in support of architecture, academia, design, and the arts. Vlahos began his career in Arnold Worldwide’s Volkswagen Design Group—and he later served as Creative Director for the Boston-based architectural practice Shepley Bulfinch. Vlahos’ clients include Harvard University, MassArt, Educators for Social Responsibility, and the Industrial History Center. Much of Vlahos’ design work is rooted in learning and public communities. His branding work for New England Conservatory (with Minelli in 2017) reoriented one of the oldest conservatories in the nation toward the future—while his promotional graphic design work for the Mission Hill Arts Festival (2021, 2022) leveraged community-engaged themes of inspiration (2021) and interconnection (2022). His teaching (at MassArt and later Merrimack College) fosters interdisciplinary inquiry and learning into, for and through design.

Dan Vlahos is a Boston-based designer, artist, and educator. He is currently Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Merrimack College, where he serves as Director of the Undergraduate Graphic Design Program. Vlahos is also presently serving on the Board of Directors for AIGA Boston and the Design Museum Foundation Council. Vlahos’ interdisciplinary design work has been recognized by the AIGA, the One Club, Print, How, the Interactive Media Council and others.