Cynthia Zeman

MFA ’20 Fine Arts Low-Residency

I make paintings that are colorful, pretty and humorous. They explore personal memories and criticize traditional ideas about women’s roles, both internalized and taught.   I collage divergent images pulled anywhere from high art, pop-culture, personal family photos, and advertising, to funny baby goat videos from the internet, sticker books and hair curler packaging. The jumbled compositions have a cohesive visual unity in their discordance, and I aim to challenge and subvert stereotypes and expected behaviors that are learned in childhood.

The Twin Saint Goats reference my twin adult children and are a portal into the performative aspects of motherhood that cause women to strive for perfection and protection.

Cynthia Zeman received her MFA in 2022 in Interdisciplinary Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and co-curated The Hour of Lead at the Massart x SOWA Gallery in February 2023.  Her experimental film, Phoenix, was bought by Warner Brothers and went on tour as the opening act for King Crimson, and won best Experimental film at the Houston International Film Festival.   Her paintings are in collections in New York and Spain.