Charity Be

MFA ’22 Fine Arts Low-Residency

An embodied sculptor, I work across media to create sensory-rich installations and participatory experiences. With an interest in how we move our bodies through time and space, my art invites change through embodiment. I am interested in the dynamics of the experience: how bodies interact within the object field and architecture of the space itself; the sculpted duration of the experience; and whether any changes occur in the sensed perception of one’s own body space.

Bringing together the conceptual with a keen regard for craftsmanship, my practice is also informed by oppositional tendencies including digital-analogue; singular-collective; body-machine; flattened and dimensional spaces. Through various combinations of video, sound, electronics, language, textiles, handcraft, sculptural objects and performative gesture, I construct unnatural environments and experiential situations wherein the audience can perceive and respond corporeally. Addressing the senses and other physical response systems of our bodies, I bring forth materially in art what is typically considered invisible, such as air, breath, sound, energetic fields, time, change.

Currently I am focused on developing spaces and experiences in which new rhythms and a lingering can occur. By working across materials to better underscore the ideas, spaces and audiences at hand, my intermedia art opens up a time and space in which to experience a shift in how we relate one another, as well as to reconsider our human balance between the biosphere and the infosphere.

What bodies do in a space for a stretch of time is the axis of Charity Be’s embodied sculpture practice. Working across media, and often site-specifically, Be’s art is an ongoing experiment in how to manifest the conceptual and experience the invisible through our bodies. Be is an American West-Coast artist based in Berlin, Germany.