Baopu Wang


In the current generation, humans start to seek the secret that lies within our genetic code. It is said that a person’s gene represents around 87% of all humans, and the difference between each person is just about five thousandth percent. These genes influence the development and function of our brain, and ultimately control how we move, think, feel and behave. We can trace ourselves in the genetic world, we can be represented by a series of information. It seems like we may have already been programmed.

Existence is a series of abstract patterns that tends to evoke the people to think about our relationship with the Universe. What’s the meaning of our appearance?  What are we in the Universe? What is the existence of the Universe?

Baopu Wang is a Chinese designer currently pursuing a graduate degree at MassArt’s Dynamic Media Institute. He decided to move toward a career as an artist after mainly studying science as an undergraduate. His work focuses on digital art, generative art, and new media, applying science and technology to artistic creation.