Adi Kitov

’23 Furniture Design

As a former dancer and an architect, my design is inspired by architectural forms and motion. I aim to create functional forms that capture dynamic movement in them, and am interested in the tension between forms, the space they create around and the light that they capture or reflect.

I am drawn to circles, waves, and irregular shapes, and their relationship with straight lines and shapes. My pieces reflect the tension between forms, directions, angles, materials and colors. I’m seeking to express both the finished and the unfinished appearance of form and material. I love exploring different materials and their influence on each other, whether complementary or contrasting. Working both in wood and clay, I am constantly seeking the connection between different forms and materials in my designs, and I love exploring light fixtures as a form of combining wood, clay and light.

The Circle is my latest piece of furniture. It is made of oak, walnut veneer and aluminum. I would not be able to build it without the help of my professor Mitch Ryerson and my teaching assistant Joe Sheehan.

Born in Israel in 1973, Adi Kitov founded and managed her own architecture and design firm for 15 years, prior to relocating to Boston in 2017. In recent years, Adi has shifted her artistic focus to pottery and woodworking. Currently Adi is studying furniture design at MassArt, while also creating pottery at Andem Art Studios.