Adam David Bencomo

As one who identifies as a male-ish homosexual, I found a home in the queer community amongst the bear community. This subculture was formed to welcome men with various girths, heights, and densities of body hair. It has existed for many years, and at times had forms of exclusivity. The bear community has both positive and negative aspects that helped shape my identity, and it has opened my eyes to evolving and encompassing broader aspects of the queer community within my life.

My coming out was a very rough process. Numerous relationships changed in a negative way which included my family and friends. When I found friends who accepted me as me, it was confusing in the beginning. They loved hearing me laugh, seeing me smile, and encouraged me to live my life just as it is. RuPaul says that as gay people, we get to choose our family. This is a glimpse of mine. So, welcome to My Bearish Life.


Adam David Bencomo is a photographic artist based out of Baltimore. He grew up in Albuquerque.

Adam identifies as male-ish. He is in the process of dismantling toxic masculinity and all the negative traits come with what it means to “be a man.” Currently, Adam is focusing on queer subcultures. He is humanizing his subjects while preserving their unique culture. He is also an advocate of body radical acceptance meaning that all bodies are beautiful.