Maria Servellón

I am a visual explorer and storyteller who uses film, digital media, design, music, and dance to express truths and possibilities. I utilize experimental and narrative approaches to create complex characters, movements, and concepts. With these, I attempt to satisfy my curiosity about the world and understand my relationship with it.

My artwork is a conscious and intuitive exploration of an intersectional identity consisting of visual and historical influences. By utilizing Magic Realism, I pay homage to the fluidity of culture, gender, memories, and dreams.

My art-making odyssey aims to continue transcending pre-established norms and to exist in and out of the digital sphere. These realizations solidify the bridge of mutual connection between myself and my audience.

Maria Servell√≥n is an award-winning filmmaker, multimedia artist, educator, and arts advocate from Boston, MA. She received her BA in Studio Art from UMass Boston, and her MFA in Film and Media Art from Emerson College. Maria’s work often explores synesthetic relationships between art, music, and dance within identity formation. Maria’s work has been exhibited and screened in Massachusetts, New York, California, Oregon, the UK, and Mexico. One of her most lauded works to date is the magic-realist short film, Hyphen (2018). Read more about Maria HERE.