Zoe Heimburg

MFA ’24 Architecture

Nuclear Skies was a piece created in response to the early days of COVID. As most can relate, I found myself back at home, constantly watching the news to see what was happening around the world. I was left feeling a little lost with what to do with all this free time so I turned to art. It became a way for me to express how I was feeling that day, becoming a diary in a sense of what it was like during quarantine. It came to a point during the summer of 2020 where every day just felt more and more unbelievable with what was happening that I was half expecting to look out the window and see a world in which I didn’t recognize. A dream-like world that truly reflected how I was feeling inside. A world depicted in this painting.

Zoe is someone who didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up, (spoiler: she still doesn’t know). She says that she stumbled into architecture and just hasn’t left yet, which is why she is currently getting her Master’s of Architecture from MassArt. Zoe believes that art, much like architecture, is about understanding and shaping the human experience and creates not just for the sake of creating, but creates to shape this experience.