Zahirah Nur Truth

As an artist, I draw inspiration from my experiences as a Black woman and mother. My current piece highlights the story of breastfeeding among Black women, exploring the history of wet nursing and the taboos surrounding breastfeeding in our community. I emphasize that breastfeeding, when possible, is best for both baby and mother, fostering a healthy bond. Influenced by everyday happenings, music, cartoons, and pop culture, I mix old and new elements to celebrate African heritage. My art is my voice, my way to heal myself, and encourage love and healing in others, serving as a catalyst for joy and community.


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Zahirah Nur Truth, affectionately known as Da Artist ZNT, is a versatile artist and educator specializing in illustration, painting, murals, jewelry design, and performance art. With a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, she integrates art with joy. Her greatest accomplishments are her two sons, Diligent Shallah and Divyne Anwar. Zahirah’s work embodies her mantra, “Live and Let Art.”