Yangfan Luo

MFA ’21 Film/Video

I tear up my own life and try to re-compile everything I’ve seen and experienced. I try to rearrange my life, using the logic of a scriptwriting to see different results. My narrative short film tells the story of two young people who meet by chance and then break up naturally. They discuss their past and present in the most common words, agonized by the little difficulties, excited by the little surprises. I am surprised at the simple and complex interpersonal relationship between young people nowadays, in the way they can meet and then separate in a very short time, and in that I find a kind of melancholy.

Yangfan was born and raised in Zhejiang, China. He came to the MassArt MFA program in Film/Video in 2019 with over 4 years of video production experience. He fell in love with video production in his childhood and went on to make advertisements and event documentaries. Currently, he’s interested in producing short narrative films that explore the complexities of relationships between young people.