Yang Sun

MFA ’21 Fine Arts 2D

My work comes from my favorite colors, the neighborhood I grew up on, the nighttime hours I was interested in and the rundown factories in my hometown. I like the uncertainty and insecurity in painting and I like to bring them out in my own way. The urge to paint this atmosphere made me a painter.I focused on putting everything I was interested in and feeling on the canvas in a simpler format. Recently, most of my works are about the inner world and the outer world. Each work is a balance between the inner world and the outer world in my imagination. It was like a window in the sky of the wilderness, somewhere between the real and the unreal. I have been trying my best to make my thinking about painting more real, honest and close to my own ideas. I want whatever the viewer feels on my images to be real.

Yang Sun is a painter from a remote part of China. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, in 2019, she continued her studies at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design graduate programs.