Will Suglia

MFA ’16 Fine Arts 2D

My work is an exploration of visual language and narratives. In this body of work, through the form of low relief wall sculptures, I collage found and created objects to create scenes or fragments of scenes that tell stories. These works take on a new life as painted objects as they accumulate the marks of murals or graffiti, giving clues to an identity of time and place.

Ultimately, my goal is to invite the viewer to participate in the creation of meaning and to engage with their own imagination, and a contemplation of actions and time and place.

Will Suglia is a Boston based artist whose practice ranges from painting and sculpture to curation and community event planning. Will received his B.A in fine arts from Saint Anselm College, a Post-Baccalaureate in studio art from Brandeis University, and M.F.A from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a concentration in painting. Will currently works out of his studio in Charlestown, MA.