Wandy Pascoal

MArch ’18

The photographs displayed in this exhibition, taken years and oceans apart, depict themes of memory, familial and familiar connections, and contrasting landscapes. From Nostalgia to In the Open, a young girl and an adult woman reflect on their surroundings, standing at the center of their shared experiences.

Wandy Pascoal is an artist, photographer, and architectural designer who is interested in the ways housing design and policy come together to shape global urban landscapes. This inquiry led to her current role as the Housing Innovation Design Fellow, a position co-hosted by the City of Boston’s Housing Innovation Lab and the Boston Society for Architecture. In this work she works alongside residents and professionals in order to drive the design and implementation of the city’s current and future housing models. Wandy holds a BFA in Architecture from UMass Amherst and a Master of Architecture from MassArt where she focused on the urban and housing design of a self-sustaining eco-village in her home country of Angola. Previously, she worked as an architectural designer at Stull & Lee, Inc focused on affordable housing projects in the New England area. She has also worked with the Madison Park Development Corporation, where she first gained a deeper understanding of the complexities of local services and housing creation.