Tara Hayes

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 2D

The visual languages that I often encode in my work include physical mapping, boundaries and rules of play, and elements of spatial distortion. I use this form of topological manipulation to construct visual spaces that are overloaded. Each work is created in contrast to the experience of true spaces. Through this relationship, these works assume their own form and expand upon a daily repetitious routine. Movements become fragmented where they were once continuous. These abstracted paths mimic blurred feelings and reflect a recognition that reality is interpreted through our own layer of perception.

Tara Hayes is a visual artist, painter, and educator. She received her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting and a BS in Art Education from Miami University. Most recently, she earned an MFA in 2D Fine Art from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work will be published in Friend of the Artist’s Vol. 13, a printed book of emerging artists released summer of 2021. Her work explores abstracted boundaries and rules of play. In particular, she focuses on navigating true spaces and elements of spatial distortion. She currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.