Sebastian Gonzalez Quintero

MFA ’21 Film/Video

Through the use of video-projection, performance, and site-specific interventions, my work explores ways to materialize my disturbance and shock about the role of human action in the emergence of the environmental crisis. The exploration of the outdoor urban space plays a fundamental role in my creative process. In a city environment where it is easy to get used to the negative impacts of humans on nature, I find an opportunity to raise questions and remind people about what has been harmed. In those spaces I explore how I can activate new layers of meaning in and on that specific location; how can a snow pile become an expression of an environmental problem such as melting glaciers? As a result of my creative process, I develop interventions to both call attention to the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and to question the relationship we have with nature. By projecting unexpected text onto a body of water, violently destroying a projected mountain, or filling an inactive fountain with green particles, I expect the audience to engage in diverse reflections about the environmental crisis.

Sebastian Gonzalez’s work focuses on climate change and environmental issues using moving image, site-specific interventions and performance. He was raised in Bogotá, Colombia and holds a B.A. in psychology, a graduate degree in photography and is currently an MFA Film & Video candidate at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.