Sarah Hull

MFA ’21 Fine Arts 2D

As a child I was often in trouble for not paying attention, but I was paying attention, just not to my parents, teachers, or peers. Using my imagination to fly out the window and view the world from high above or from the ground below became an invaluable tool for gaining perspective and empathy. This sense of wonder has stayed with me, and combined with a long-standing drawing practice, fueled my decision to leave a career as a certified nurse midwife to become a painter. My studio practice comes from two disparate ideas based on my life experience as an empathetic observer of human behavior, and as a curious voyeur. Removed from physical interaction and observing singular human experience from afar, this juxtaposition between inclusive empathy and isolated voyeur inspires my thinking about what I want to communicate through my paintings. As a result of my graduate studies, I am thinking more about the broader notion of moving through landscape. The paintings have become less about observation and more about perception and memory. Does one perceive a fragmented image the same way, or is each of us perceiving life’s experiences uniquely?

Sarah Hull is an award-winning painter whose work has been exhibited in twenty four exhibitions nationwide (2013-2020). Leaving a career as a certified nurse midwife in 2011 to pursue her practice as an artist, she began her graduate studies at MassArt in the fall of 2019. She and her family divide their time between Tampa, FL and Scituate, MA.