Karlaah Atelier

’25 Fashion Design

“Voll Blüten,” an homage to Hermann Hesse’s 1918 poem, reverberates with the profound notion of nurturing thoughts like blossoms, a hundredfold each day, without soliciting their fruition. This poetic stimulus kindled my passion for experimental couture craftsmanship and the three pieces shown at this exhibit. 

The trilogy of pieces unfolds a  narrative. The journey from bearing blossoms to their triumphant emancipation. These delicate blooms are meticulously crafted, blending 3D printing with hand-painted artistry.  Break-Through is a commissioned piece by socialite and crypto hedge fund manager Yu Chi Lyra Kuo for her engagement to founder and CEO of OpenSea Devin Finzer at Amangiri in the desert of Utah. 

Atelier Karlaah, respectfully named in tribute to the late German fashion luminary Karl Lagerfeld, interjects an ‘aah’ of surprise, subtly weaving technology into the very fabric of our creations. In the realm of fashion, Atelier Karlaah is a metamorphosis, where technology and design harmoniously converge.

Karlaah Atelier by Sandra Ferguson, is an evolution of a tech maven turned couturier. Prior to founding and running Boston based Smart City Company Soofa as CEO, she pioneered connected electric vehicles with MIT’s City Science Group.  She was born in Germany and studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin before coming to MIT and Boston in 2012.