Sally Dion

MFA ’21 Fine Arts Low-Residency

I take natural elements and transform them graphically into universal images of living and dying, darkness and light. These actualized memories invite you to listen to the whispers about loneliness and longing, family circumstances and moments of personal grief and happiness. Using paint and ink and objects, I seek to construct environments that are layered and translucent much as our memories of the history of our recent past. Familiar sometimes, often universally understood, the work will show the family and some of society through my lens. Most recently, the objects I have made of resin are heavy with personal meaning and the monoprints are a story, a history that speaks to me and hopefully to others. Sometimes, I present them to the viewer all tidy and contained in a plexiglass box, my way of controlling it’s environment and for me a way to put away all of the past. Other works monotype installations and are on silk and move with the air and people’s movement to portray the changing views of our history.

Born in Maine and living most of her life in New Hampshire, Sally Dion is the resident printmaker at the Art Center Dover, NH. She received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1982. She continued her joyful, yet strenuous practice of drawing and printmaking throughout her lifetime. She is currently completing her MFA at MassArt with a body of work that portrays family and loss and present day history in the form of monotypes and handmade objects layered and transparent.