Ronghao Zhang

MFA ’21 Photography

American pop culture colonized my imagination when I built up my worldview. After more than two years of living in the United States, I had first fixed psychological distance with my surroundings, as a way to make myself comfortable. However, I am still living in the America of my imagination, an America based on illusions from movies. It is so unreal and thrilling when I slowly approach the those objects and spaces. I can’t even tell if it is happening in reality or it is just a scene from a film, a lucid dream, or even my mind playing tricks on me. The sense of trance, the uncanny and absentmindedness directs me to a the margins. I could live in a matrix, like a brain in a vat. I could also be a boy waking up from a computer desk, while the movie is still running.

Ronghao Zhang was raised in Shanghai, China, and now lives and works in Boston. He earned his BFA in photography from Shanghai University of Engineering Science before becoming an MFA candidate in Photography at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He is now exploring various U.S. states that surround endless highway roads.