Robert Maloney

MFA ’14 Fine Arts Low-Residency

I utilize elements of the urban landscape as visual metaphors to express the fragility of our memories. It has been said that the memory of a moment from our past is a copy of the last time we remembered it. Each time we remember this instance, specific details fade away revealing fragments (and elaborations?) of the original moment. I bridge the gaps between printmaking and sculpture by using hydrocal plaster to make casts of my hand carved woodblocks. The negative voids carved out of the wood become positive protrusions on the surface of the plaster. With these dimensional prints I welcome the individuality and imperfections of each iteration. During one of the print castings the ink failed to transfer onto the plaster so I attempted to “recall” portions of the image a second time which successfully transferred the ink but the distribution of the plaster was not as successful as the first version. Building the plaster prints of the billboards into billboard structures is a way for me to contemplate the concept of recalling an instance from the past. Is the 3D structure the true original moment or is it the deteriorated image on the surface of the plaster?

Robert received his BFA and MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and is an Associate Professor in the Illustration department at Massart. Robert received a 2022 Mass Cultural Council fellowship in Printmaking and has participated in two Illuminus Boston public art events. He has contributed to several Big Ink woodcut print sessions and in 2017 his permanent public art project repaired the missing signage on the chimney of the historic Haffenreffer brewery in Jamaica Plain.