Neetu Singhal

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 2D

This video artwork, built around three sets of polarities, asks Which do you see first, or most vividly: hot or cold colors, 2D or 3D spaces, ambiguous objects or ones recognized? The project expresses my belief that art can be used for studying and developing visual attention in a variety of applications, from everyday encounters in museums and public spaces, to research studies of people with attention conditions, such autism spectrum disorder or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Neetu Singhal is fascinated by the correlation between Science and Art, particularly through her analysis of neuroscience experiments in her search for the evidence of ‘Universal Human Consciousness’. Neetu also has a M.Sc. in Biotechnology from CCS University (U.P) India. Also, she worked as a research scientist studying Leukemia (blood cancer) in New Delhi, India. Her current research is on the potentially positive synesthetic and transcendent effects that spiritual practices in combination with the effects of color may have on individuals on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, or with ADHD.